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Columbia "Coco"

Image: Museum of Toronto.

Columbia Diaz empowered newcomers and caregivers through education and advocacy for rights through her relentless community organizing work.
1953 - 2018 | Community Organizer for Domestic Workers and Caregivers

Born in the Philippines, Columbia Diaz immigrated to Toronto in 1980 to work as a nanny and quickly became a fierce advocate for caregivers’ and domestic workers’ rights in Canada. From the early years of INTERCEDE for the Rights of Domestic Workers, Caregivers, and Newcomers, she played an integral role until its closure. Diaz was a founding member of the Caregiver Connections, Education, and Support Organization (CCESO), a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to educating and supporting newcomers and caregivers.

Diaz’s unwavering advocacy and dedication have empowered care workers and shaped government policies to protect the rights of caregivers and domestic workers.

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