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About the Collaborators

Meet the team behind Museum of Toronto's award-winning digital exhibition, Derailed: The History of Black Railway Porters in Canada.

Cecil Foster (Curator) is a leading author, academic, journalist and public intellectual. His work speaks about the challenges that Black people have encountered historically in Canada in their efforts to achieve respect and recognition for their contribution to what is now a multicultural Canada. He highlights their fight for social justice and human dignity. In particular, Foster addresses the issues of immigration in his critical discussions on who is a Canadian in the ever-evolving social narrative toward a genuine multicultural Canada. Foster is a transnational professor at the University at Buffalo, New York and splits his time between Toronto and Buffalo.


Meghan Swaby (Writer) is an actor and playwright of Jamaican descent born and raised in Toronto. She was recently commissioned by Myseum of Toronto to create a short play called Derailed: The History of Railway Porters in Canada based on Cecil Foster’s book ‘They Call Me George’. Her play Venus’ Daughter inspired by the life of Saartjie (Sarah Baartman) aka The Hottentot Venus and was produced by Obsidian Theatre in 2016 and directed by Philip Akin. Venus’ Daughter was included on The SureFire List (Playwrights Guild of Canada) as one of the top 23 recommended plays in Canada. In 2017, Meghan was one of 50 playwrights selected to have her work included in the inaugural 50in50: Writing Black Women Into Existence, (curated by Dominique Morisseau) at the Billie Holiday Theatre in Brooklyn.


Byron Kent Wong (Director) helps to tell stories. As a creative strategist and producer, he created Iron Bay Media to encourage unique collaboration between brands, educators, film makers, musicians, immersive + interactive designers, community-leaders, artists, and storytellers through strategic, artistic and event development.


ZERO11ZERO (Production) is a company dedicated to the convergence of motion media, new media, artist development, music, publishing and creative strategy. Our integrated technology and media processes give us the privilege of creating endless possible stories that are congruent with the individual styles of our valued confederates. From featured to branded content, we develop each creative narrative to impact and connect with audiences. Our purpose? To create human solutions. We bring stories to life. We do cool stuff and we do it well.


Iron Bay Media (Production) is an award winning and Emmy-nominated creative team dedicated to innovative thinking, messaging, solutions and end-to-end creative deployment. We have worked in diverse environments that range from Global Brands to Community initiatives and have led the story telling for rockstars, athletes, global leaders, authors, at-risk youth, fashion designers and satellite makers.


Union Station (Venue Partner) is a fluid stage for the best of Toronto’s cultural, commercial and historical offerings. Union has a multidisciplinary programming vision offering free public events that showcase the best of Toronto for tourists and locals that creates a destination where all are welcome.

Derailed Digital Content | Credits
Produced by:
Museum of Toronto
zero11zero + Iron Bay Media
Elise Bailey
Byron Kent Wong
Kate Latimer

Written & Conceived by Meghan Swaby

Directed by Byron Kent Wong

Derick Agyemang
Daniel Jelani Ellis
Laurence Dean Ifill
Director of Photography: Sabre Dane
1st Camera Assistant / 2nd Operator: Kejd Kuqo
Sound: Robert Mason
Production Assistant: Elliot Jannetta
Editing: Kate Latimer, Domenique Arnold, Byron Kent Wong
Sound Mix: Iron Bay Audio, Robert Mason
Colour: Domenique Arnold, Kejd Kuqo

With funding from the Government of Ontario, Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund (OCAF), and Canadian Heritage.

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Derailed: The History of Black Railway Porters in Canada

All aboard! This multimedia digital exhibition produced by Museum of

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