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Program: Derailed Panel Discussion
This 1 hour and 45 minute panel discussion streamed live on Zoom on June 4, 2020, explores Black Railway porters and their historic fight for equality on and off the tracks. Moderated by Cheryl Blackman (Director of Museums and Heritage Services, City of Toronto).

Derailed: Video
Derailed is a theatrical experience based on prominent figures and moments in the history of Black Railway porters in Canada, presented through a contemporary lens. Written and staged by Meghan Swaby, directed by Byron Kent Wong, and filmed at Union Station.

Additional Resources & Further Reading
The following is a non-exhaustive list of resources including articles, documentaries, books, and organizations about various topics surrounding Black Railway Porters in Canada.

About the Collaborators
Cecil Foster (Curator) is a leading author, academic, journalist and public intellectual. His work speaks about the challenges that Black people have encountered historically in Canada in their efforts to achieve respect and recognition for their contribution to what is now a multicultural Canada.