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Diana Carter

Image: Museum of Toronto.

As the first woman to win a car race in Canadian history, Diana Carter was destined to trailblaze her way through a career at the top of Canadian race car driving.
1937 - 2020 | Race Car Driver

Diana Carter etched her name in history as the first woman to win a car race in Canada. She emerged as the nation’s top female race car driver – also thriving in the male-dominated racing world of the 1960s. Carter’s exceptional talent led to three consecutive Coupes des Dames victories from 1963 to 1965, conquering one of North America’s most challenging rallies. In a groundbreaking feat, she also secured the CDRA Touring Class Championship in 1963, making her the first woman to achieve such a milestone.

Carter’s impressive achievements paved the way for women in motorsports and changed the landscape of Canadian race car driving.

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