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Judith Snow

Image: Museum of Toronto.

Born with quadriplegia, Judith Snow was Canada’s first person to receive individualized care funding from the Government. Her activism enabled an additional 600+ people in Ontario to receive funding.
1949 - 2015 | Independent Living Advocate, Community Organizer, and Disability Justice Activist

In the 1970s, Judith Snow founded the Centre for Special Services for Handicapped Students at York University – Canada’s first post-secondary learning support program. As the first Canadian to receive government-mandated individualized funding for personal assistance, she set a precedent for state-funded care. The founder of the Joshua Committee, led to the creation of Circles of Support worldwide. She also co-founded the Laser Eagles Art Guild, the Marsha Forest Centre, and the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario, dedicated to breaking barriers faced by people with disabilities.

Snow’s revolutionary models transformed the lives of thousands of disabled individuals, fostering meaningful employment, independent living, and active community participation.

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