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Mary Fix

Image: Museum of Toronto.

Through her trailblazing career of firsts, Fix championed community-led development and civic historical preservation that continues to influence Toronto today.
1895 - 1972 | Politician and Lawyer

After graduating from Osgoode School of Law in 1918, Mary Fix made history as Ottawa’s first female lawyer. Disappointed by limited opportunities for women in the field, she left law and worked for a local clothing store. In 1931, she married Alphonse Fix, a renowned pianist, and the couple settled in Mississauga. Entering politics in 1953, she became the first female politician in Toronto Township – taking on a range of positions throughout her tenure. In 1959, she became the first female Warden of Peel County and in 1960, a founding member and the first president of the Toronto Township Historical Foundation.

Fix’s contributions were vital in guiding the Greater Toronto Area through development, growth, and the preservation of its history.

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