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Museum Tour — Self-Guided

Punk, Creed & Cree Métis on Queen West

Explore the counterculture of Queen West from ’77 to ’83 with a storytelling tour seen through the eyes of Cree Métis artists Rebecca and Kenny Baird. Delve into the history of this tumultuous and flourishing vanguard arts hub as told by the Baird siblings. You’ll hear their contributions to punk, queer, street and magazine subcultures, ground-shifting local music, thought-provoking art installations, and more. Weave through this radical time, hearing about the many illustrious arts allies and locales they frequented, such as The Cameron House, Toxic Plan 9, Art Metropole, and more.

This self-guided audio tour is an adaptation of Museum of Toronto’s 2022 Sidewalk Stories program. Use this page as a guide for your own self-guided experience.

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Tour Route

Route Details

Length of the Tour: 75-90 minutes
Total Walking Time: 55 minutes
Total Walking Distance: 2.5 km
Longest Walking Distance: 10 minutes


This tour will take place on entirely flat terrain and paved sidewalks, and will feature regular city traffic. This tour involves walking and standing for extended periods of time.

Tour Audio

This tour is an audio tour; please use your own devices (eg. smartphone, smart tablet) and headphones for the experience.

Disclaimer: “both GAT and Orientations use a lesbian and gay framework. Since then, sexual and gender identities and the politics around them have shifted and continue to morph as new possibilities become available. Today’s non-heterosexuals are as likely to refer to themselves as queer, non-binary, trans, bisexual and two-spirit”. Richard Fung, 2018


The tour leads and storytellers are Kenny Baird and Rebecca Baird. This tour was developed in collaboration with Caroline Azar and Franco Boni.

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