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Rosemary Sadlier

Image: Museum of Toronto.

Rosemary Sadlier’s commitment to the recognition of Black History continues to shape the education around and commemoration of Black histories in Canada.
Social Justice Advocate, Researcher, and Author

For 22 years, Rosemary Sadlier served as President of the Ontario Black History Society, spearheading the national declaration of February as Black History Month. She also successfully secured Emancipation Day commemorations municipally in 1994 (now, Emancipation Month), provincially in 2008, and nationally in 2021. As an esteemed educator, Sadlier contributed to the development of the African Canadian curriculum and authored 7 books on African Canadian history. Her numerous awards, including the Order of Ontario and the Martin Luther King Jr Community Service Award, recognize and celebrate her unwavering dedication to social justice and education.

With her influence as a governance leader and consultant for diversity, equity, and inclusion projects, Sadlier continues to make a significant impact.

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