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Toronto Gone Wild

City Meets Nature

Now Open

Toronto Gone Wild explores the city as a multi-layered habitat — starring the animals, plants, and insects that call Toronto home. 

Venture through different Torontonian terrains from city streets to burrows, hives, and nests, all seamlessly woven together in our downtown exhibition space. You’ll emerge with a renewed appreciation for the interconnectedness of life in the city. 

Why are coyotes such dedicated parents?  What do wasps’ nests and apartment buildings have in common?  When will raccoons become our urban overlords?

See for yourself just how much we share with our animal neighbours in the struggle for food, housing, and community. You may have more in common with that white squirrel at Trinity Bellwoods than you think.


Admission for this exhibition is by donation.

Tickets or reservations are not required to attend.


401 Richmond Street West 

Eastern Entrance


Wednesday – Saturday: 12pm – 6pm

Sunday – Tuesday: CLOSED

Upcoming Events

Venture through Toronto Gone Wild with curators Jennifer Bonnell and Amy Lavender Harris.

Toronto Gone Wild with Curators Jennifer Bonnell and Amy Lavender Harris

April 27th, June 1st & July 6th

Uncover how Toronto's unique world of plants and mushrooms is right at your fingertips

Mushrooming, Foraging & Native Pollinator Gardens in Toronto

May 29th, 2024

What is the future of Toronto's iconic Don River?

Conversations on Toronto’s Don River Redevelopment

June 26th, 2024


Toronto Gone Wild was co-curated by Jennifer Bonnell and Amy Lavender Harris.

The exhibition was co-conceptualized and developed by Museum of Toronto.

Museum of Toronto is made possible with the generous support of Diane Blake and Stephen Smith.