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Winners & Losers

Sports Histories of Toronto

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We are a city of record breakers, rabble rousers, and game changers. Ride the highs and the lows of Toronto’s sports histories in our latest exhibition.

Sports have shaped our city for generations — from infamous bat flips and buzzer-beating three-pointers, to Stanley Cup curses and fairweather fandoms. Whether they bring us together or reflect our divisions, the sports we play tell us a story.

Winners & Losers: Sports Histories of Toronto was an exhibition that ran in our downtown exhibition space between November 2023 and March 2024.

In this exhibit you will learn about Toronto through hockey, lacrosse, basketball, boxing, football, and baseball.

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Winners & Losers is co-curated by author and historian Adam Bunch, and veteran sports writer and TV commentator Morgan Campbell, with contributions by journalist and freelance writer Sam Laskaris.

The exhibition was conceptualized and developed by the team at Myseum of Toronto.

Myseum of Toronto is made possible with the generous support of Diane Blake and Stephen Smith.