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Monologues of Women from The Ward

Image: Museum of Toronto.

Experience The Ward through the lens of four resilient women whose stories contribute to the rich history of this former Toronto neighbourhood.

Through the captivating stories of four resilient women, explore two centuries of Toronto history in The Ward.

The Ward was Toronto’s “first immigrant neighbourhood.” It was an enclave of the city that was home to many communities within Toronto throughout several waves of immigration between the 1840s and World War II.

Listen to dramatic monologues recorded from Myseum of Toronto’s walking tour titled Women of The Ward.

Jean Lumb – The owner of a Chinese restaurant who helped bridge the Chinese community with various politicians and Torontonians, ultimately breaking down barriers through Chinese culture and Chinese food specifically.
Written and Performed by Marjorie Chan

Cecelia Reynolds – joined the African-American community in Toronto after escaping slavery and initiated a longstanding correspondence with her former enslaver in order to obtain freedom for her mother and brother.
Written by Audrey Dwyer, Performed by Meghan Swaby

Annie Whelan – an Irish immigrant who became a bootlegger in order to support her family.
Written and Performed by Ali Joy Richardson

Elizabeth Neufeld – a Jewish American social worker who established, Central Neighbourhood House, the first settlement agency in Toronto.
Written and Performed by Coleen MacPherson

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